Goodbody Massage: Be good to yourself!

A Natural Way to Heal



is used to treat pain, ease scar tissue deep within the muscles and connective tissues, reduce swelling and muscle knots. It does leave round bruises for approximately a week.



involves unique stretching while applying pressure and strokes to activate specific muscles



MFR is a gentle sustained pressure that is applied to points of restrictions, allowing connective tissue to release: returning the fascia to its normal state.



Using specialty pillows expecting mothers can lie face down if they wish, most find relief in just being able to do so. Customized massage to their needs, usually a little more focus on lower back



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1/2 hr ~ $30

1 hr ~ $60

1 1/2hr ~$90

2 hr ~ $120

(There is a friendly English Bulldog on-site, please be aware)


First hour $100

each additional hour $60

within 20 miles of Love Field airport

*outside 20 miles prices may vary

Chair massage

some events are $1/min
some events $20 for 15/min
$70/hr to hire for corprate events


My Mantra

In With The Good

I myself suffered from back pain, as well as a dislocated knee as an early teen. I grew up not understanding the pain I was in, and believe many of us do.  Ultimately I believe no one should be in pain and am experienced in helping with various techniques, graduating from Parker University in 2013

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Licensed Massage Therapist

My passion is massage; I specialized in myofascial release. My other modalities include swedish, trigger point, accupressure, cupping, and sport massage. I am able to customize your massage to your needs.

5121 Cedar Springs Rd 

Dallas, Tx 75235

(214) 552-0149

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